SWT Lackford Lakes

Lackford Lakes by Mark Gosbee


View from Bernard's hide at Lackford Lakes October 2021

Strange Autumn at Lackford

Even though we are moving towards the end of October, the weather has been quite kind to us. There have even been some warm days, so butterflies and dragonflies continue to be seen on the reserve…

birch leaves changing colour

Early Autumn at the lakes

The change of the season is always an exciting time and one we look forward to watching. Autumn feels different at different stages. Right now, we are in the early part of autumn (late September…

view through screen at Lackford Lakes

Winter at Lackford

It has been very wet here at Lackford, this winter. Many areas of the reserve have been flooded on a regular basis including the Kingfisher (blue trail). The changes in water levels have been…