Little egrets like the slough

Little egrets like the slough

Every year in September, the number of little egrets on the slough build up and can be seen hunting for small fish on the slough. This past week has also been seen a few more ducks arrive on the lakes and on the smaller side of things - butterflies, dragonflies and other insects have been stealing the show.

Little egrets have been showing really well on the slough in recent weeks and as the water levels are low there at the moment, it is a great place to go hunting for small fish.  Today 15 of these amazing white birds were counted there.  The best place to see little egrets is from Paul's hide.

Around the lakes as we move through autumn, you will see a build up of ducks feeding on the weed.  Gadwall and tufted ducks are already present in good numbers.  Teal continue to increase and the first wigeon of the autumn have made an appearance.

The other story of the week, has been to do with insects.  Last weekend, wasp spiders were photographed on the reserve and the first of the ivy bees are starting to be seen.  Added to that some dragonflies are still showing well - migrant hawker is the most numerous and often seen hovering right in front of the hides, southern hawker are still around and common darter can also be seen around the trails.

And the butterflies have been amazing for the start of September.  Smaller ones - brown argus, small copper and common blue, were all seen today near the centre.  On the larger side, painted lady, speckled wood, red admiral, comma, large white and small white have also all been seen today.

Early autumn is a great time to visit the reserve and see what is happening around our lakes.