Ancient trees and camouflaged moths with Lackford outreach

Lackford Lakes by John Ferguson

Oh my, I’ve hit the halfway line and this month and to sum up in a nutshell was EPIC!!

What made it so epic... I have been back to Bradfield Woods, I helped out and ran forest school, I went on a guided walk at Old Broom, hosted my first adult learning course, managed to sneak in a trip to Sizewell to help out with a school visit based on the Lost Words, I’ve been to the Suffolk Show, met Lackford’s Young Wardens for the first time, ran a family pond-dipping day, woke up with nature to kick start 30 Days Wild and led what is starting to become one of my favourite things to do Lackford’s wonderful weekend wildlife club. How am I going to pick and highlight my favourites?!

I think Sizewell and Old Broom need an extra mention. Sizewell is truly beautiful, -the school kids were really engaged and great to be around, and warden Dayne did a super job leading his first school visit. Joe, Lackford’s assistant reserve warden was our guide for the magical and mystical Old Broom walk – it’s definitely worth joining one of his biannual guided walks if you love some awesomely cool trees.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

The three sisters at Old Broom

Suffolk Show, another great day! It was great to be out front enticing the public to come and look at our fantastic garden – that just as it happens won best stand in the show!!!

Finally it’s been a bit of a moth madness weekend. With Moth ID at young wardens on Friday and it was again the hot topic for this weekend’s wildlife club. I think everyone, myself & volunteers included, had a great time looking at all the wonderful moths we’d managed to catch in the traps overnight. Mike from the centre was an absolute legend helping us ID all the species too.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust