Hedgehog crafts and a mud kitchen at Lackford Lakes

Lackford Lakes by Mark Gosbee

Hi, I’m Marion Gray and I am a Learning Intern for 2019 at Lackford Lakes. Up until this point I have been a primary school teacher and maybe it is a mid life crisis but I feel the need for a change.

I have always enjoyed taking children’s learning outside of the classroom, whether on organised trips or lessons in the school grounds and this Internship will give me the chance to explore outdoor learning to the full! Outdoors children have the opportunity to explore and play and think creatively and critically.

In my first few weeks with the Intern team I have visited a Primary School where we trying to survey the field with a Bio Blitz. The children were thrilled to be outside and battled hard against the wind to see what was living on their site. Eventually we were beaten by the rain!!One Sunday I hosted a Hedgehog care course run by the Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue I held a Hedgehog and learnt how to make her unroll as well as what may be wrong with a poorly hedgehog I could come across.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

The following week I met the Weekend Wildlife Club where the children were again looking for  hedgehog facts, made hedgehog collage and thought about what materials would make a great den.

This week I have met with some Wild Tots and Wild Babies. All of whom loved being outside for walk and play. The Tots had a great time with a tree swing and mud kitchen while the babies were enthralled with sensory materials to touch and play with.

It is very busy at Lackford Lakes with so many varied things going, I’m hope my 6 months don’t zoom by too quickly, that I will be outside with children and young people to learn, enjoy and grow.