My Naturewatch camera - The Alvarez family

My Naturewatch camera - The Alvarez family

See how the Alvarez family got on!

The Alvarez family

Unfortunately, our first attempt with the camera didn’t work but we kept trying for a week until we were able to swap it for another.
We only had one day until we were off on holiday so tried putting the camera out where we had seen some hedgehog poo. We put some cat meat in a bowl then put that inside a jug on its side on the assumption that a cat would not be able to get it. 
We did enjoy watching the neighbour’s cat problem solving with his different tactics he used working out how to get the cat meat out. No hedgehogs though!

We took the camera on holiday with us but it rained heavily every day, so we put it behind the tent one night, but the only pictures were the moving grass.

We had planned to set the camera up facing the bird feeder where the House Sparrow regularly fed but he had left his nest a few days before and no birds visited the feeder.

We then hung it in the little tree where there are many birds but got lots of photos of moving leaves!

We then hung it in the big tree where there are squirrels and many birds. We did get some pictures of the tree as the camera fell to the ground…

Finally, success! We put the camera in a bucket with a torch after dark to try to get some photos of moths and got a picture of one moth!

Next we put the camera out where we have a lot of crickets and got a picture of another moth.

During the time with the camera we got some photos of some wildlife, but I think we need to get one of these cameras for ourselves and put it out during the springtime and find a way to balance it in the tree better!

Vikki Alvarez