Naturewatch camera - The Sanford family

Naturewatch camera - The Sanford family

Check out how the Sanford family got on!

The Sanford family...

We think the wildlife in our garden is particularly camera-shy as the frogs, birds and insects we normally see just seemed to vanish as soon as we returned home from Lackford Lakes with our camera!

After five days without any success, despite moving the camera to various locations and using different foods to tempt them in, we eventually struck gold when we managed to capture a Dunnock while we were out (spotting larger winged varieties at the Imperial War Museum Duxford!) which was a great treat when we arrived home.

We decided we had to up our game if we wanted to get more images and strategically placed the camera in front of a beautifully constructed web to capture the garden spider and hid it in our herb container to capture bees enjoying the flowers. We even got images of a dragonfly that went for a cheeky photobomb opportunity as we were moving the camera to a new location which landed on mine and my little boy Toby's hands too! 

We love encouraging wildlife into our garden and feel very privileged to have been part of the My Naturewatch camera project. 

Lindsey, Guy, Toby and Ted Sanford.