My Naturewatch camera! The Jones family

My Naturewatch camera! The Jones family

Check out how the Jones family got on with their My Naturewatch camera...

This week we enjoyed our time with the camera and managed to catch a fox!

The butterflies and bees are constant in our garden this time of year and the camera was able to get a few clear images.

We hoped to get the swallows coming and going from their nest but we couldn't figure out how to get the camera close enough without disturbing them. 

We had hoped to get easy shots at the bird feeding station but it remained un-used all week however we found evidence of a probable sparrowhawk so that might explain it.

The time with the camera has shown us that we have many visitors to our garden and at all times of the day. During our week with the camera we also borrowed a night camera from a friend to see what else came to our garden: owls, muntjac deer and the fox tried to steal our dog's blanket from the front porch!

The Jones family!