Starling update

Lackford Lakes

As promised in my last blog update, I will update you on the starling situation on the reserve.

A week ago, it seemed that starling numbers would be starting to build up and we would get a reasonable display around the reserve before they head into the reeds to spend the night.  Numbers built up towards 500 birds at this stage. 

I checked again in the middle of the week and only a few hundred seem to be present.  These birds split into two groups – one roosting in the reeds at the back of the slough and the others roosting in the reeds in front of the centre.  A peregrine was about and lots of sparrowhawk activity so that might explain why starling numbers seem to drop and only small groups could be seen during the week.

Then this weekend, a few thousand birds were present, and this formed a nice small display as they were spending about twenty minutes flying around the reserve.  These birds were again roosting in a couple of spots on the reserve – on the slough and in the reeds in front of the centre.

So, it has been a bit difficult to say what is really happening about starlings at Lackford Lakes as each day appears to be very different.

We can’t promise you will see starlings displaying and how many but if you wish to come and have a go at seeing them, then we recommend going around the short blue trail and look for them over the slough from Paul’s, Bernard’s or Double Decker hide – this seems to be the best location to watch from based on this past weeks activity at the reserve.

There are lots of ducks like teal and small birds like siskin (see last blog for further information) so it is worth making an afternoon visit if you plan to visit.  Go for a walk, then finish with the possibility of some starlings and perhaps a hot drink in the centre.