Latest wildlife news from Lackford Lakes

Common tern by Richard Steel

Spring birds back by the middle of April.

Running on the same day as last year, a house martin turned up on 12th April and today (15th April) a cuckoo was heard / seen around the site.

A few more house martins have been seen since Thursday along with quite a few sightings of swallow and some sand martins.

There are now a few sedge warblers scattered around the reeds on the reserve - by the sailing lake and in front of Double Decker is a good place to listen for these.

Yesterday we had our first sighting of little gull and today 37 popped in for a brief while on the sailing lake.

Another arrival this week has been the common tern - back on Wednesday and been seen off and on for the rest of the week.

This adds to blackcap and chiffchaff that can be heard throughout the reserve.

The next few days should see even more birds coming in from Africa.