Latest wildlife news from Lackford Lakes

Blackcap by David Tipling

Lots of warblers and lots of butterflies.

This past week has seen the reserve come alive with lots of warblers and lots of butterflies.

In recent days we have seen quite a few garden warblers around the reserve.  Best spots seem to be the start of church walk and around Double Decker hide.  They sound similar to blackcaps which are now everywhere on the reserve.

Middle of the week saw whitethroat and lesser whitethroat turning up - best around the start of church walk for these also.

The sedge warblers now have company in the reeds with reed warblers now back in force.

There are also now a few willow warblers around the trail - best near the centre.

Cuckoo continues to be present around the slough area - 3 were seen together today.

The first nightingale turned up on Tuesday and now we have at least three singing at times on the reserve - best to listen from the benches near the education meadow.

A few waders have turned up this weekend on the slough - with greenshank and little ringed plover been present.

Moving away from birds - butterflies are now out in good numbers.  Nine different types have been seen this week including plenty of orange-tip, comma, speckled wood, small white and holly blue.

Lastly, our first damselfly has made an appearance with large red damselfly being seen.