The slough is full of lapwing and teal

Lapwings by Angela Lord

We are now into the last few days of Autumn and things are starting to look a lot like winter for us at Lackford with lots of ducks, lapwing, snipe, gulls roosting and starlings roosting

During this past week, we have seen an increase in number of lapwing and teal on the slough.  A times the number of lapwing have been around 1000 and they are quite noisy on the slough so worth sitting in a hide just to listen to them.  From time to time, an odd other wader can be found with them like dunlin that turned up for a few days.  You can also find some snipe on the slough but they have started to become good a hiding in the grass.

For best views of snipe, you are best going down to Steggall's hide.  From there you should see some goldeneye and if you are lucky the otter that is still showing from this hide from time to time.

For most of our ducks, the sailing lake continues to be the best location with wigeon, gadwall, pochard, tufted duck, shoveler and coot all being present there in good numbers.  Then later in the day from 2pm onwards, the gulls start arriving to roost on the sailing lake.  This past week has seen an increase in numbers flying in at the end of the day.

Smaller birds are best around the centre and field feeders with lots of siskin flying around with some goldfinches.  Redwings have been good along with bullfinches in the bushes.  Then at the end of the day from 3pm onwards, we seem to now have a starling roost.  Already several thousand starlings are flying around before dropping into the reeds to spend the night.

Lapwing by Angela Lord

Lapwings by Angela Lord