My Naturewatch camera! The Adshead family

My Naturewatch camera! The Adshead family

Discover how the Adshead family got on during their week with the camera!

The bee we captured on the Naturewatch camera!


The butterfly , we think it might be a meadow brown!

My Naturewatch camera blog 

This week we’ve seen frogs, newts, hedgehogs, mice and some other interesting stuff. It’s been fun having the camera and I would recommend it to a lot of people who would like to know what’s living in their garden.
The best part is you can do it at home and it’s so easy to build! I loved having it so much that I was sad to see it go at the end of the week. I can think of so many people who would love to use this.
It is funny when you capture pictures of the family on it also. One day we checked the photos and there was a picture of me on it! It was interesting to look through the pictures at the end of each day using our phone.
We saw lots of bugs using the camera including bees, butterflies, flies and dragonflies and so much more that I’ve lost count. That’s what makes this camera great as everyone has loads of bugs in their garden and if you let your garden grow a bit wild, they will just do their stuff and you might spot it on the camera!
I am going to tell my friends they should try the camera as it is so cool and I am going to make one by myself, that’s how cool it is and rather quite good!
Josh Adshead – 12 

My wildlife blog using the My Naturewatch camera
Day 1: On the camera we saw butterflies, bees and wasps which all are very beautiful. Also, we saw some very little birds. We think a muntjac passed by also!
Day 2: We checked the camera today and saw lots of different birds and butterflies, all of which were very little and pretty. I was hoping for a hedgehog but don’t think we will see one as they come out at night!
Day 3: Today the camera captured more bees and butterflies because of where the camera was placed (amongst the wildflowers). So far it has been fun using it.
Day 4: I think every day we have seen a cat lurking around the garden. We have also seen people from our family who have walked unknowingly in front of it! Today the camera captured a blue tit!
Day 5: I love seeing wildlife on the camera and hope your enjoying hearing about our experience. We saw another butterfly today.
Day 6: We saw more butterflies and the cat again! The bee was really cute!
Day 7: It’s the last day! Its been tons of fun and I loved having the camera.
Bye! Jorja Adshead