Legacy stories: Market Weston Fen

Legacy stories: Market Weston Fen

By Steve Aylward

There are a handful of places in Suffolk that are nothing short of exceptional in their biological richness. Market Weston Fen is one of them. 

Lying in a shallow valley created by a tributary of the Little Ouse and fed by chalk springs, Market Weston Fen avoided the onslaught of 20th century drainage and agricultural improvement that damaged so many fens. It is one of the finest fragments of valley fen in East Anglia.

For 25 years we owned just one piece of the fen jigsaw until, in 2006, a generous legacy from David Feavearyear helped to buy the adjoining blocks of fen to more than double the size of the nature reserve.

Small wetlands are particularly vulnerable to damage from changes in water level or water quality on neighbouring land. By ensuring the majority of this unique fen is under our protective ownership, David Feavearyear’s gift has ensured its future.

If you would like more information about how we use legacy gifts to help wildlife, please contact Amy Rushton on 01473 890089.